BOOK TWO, LADY HELLGATE SERIES, BY GREG DRAGON review by Susannah Israel In the second book of this powerful fast-moving series, we find young Helga Ate back on the job as a Nighthawk. She has been pronounced physically fit for duty, and she’s getting ready for an official ceremony honoring her exemplary service. As weContinue reading “FULL METAL HEROINE”


Frida in America: The Creative Awakening of a Great Artist In-depth, up close and personal, Dr. Celia Stahr’s new book Frida In America takes us on a journey that gives a clear and honest representation of the artist, her artwork and the times that shaped them both. Artists fill many roles, preserving and celebrating tradition,Continue reading “FRIDA’S AMERICAN CRUCIBLE”

Hatshepsut, sculpture & Fijian diplomacy: a series in evolution

Young Hatshepsut was inspired by an exhibition of Egyptian art at San Francisco’s de Young Museum. After we spent a breathtaking day looking at ancient sculpture in the museum, I received this assignment from fellow sculptor Michelle Gregor: I was to make some Egyptian art. Over coffee she told me to go home and makeContinue reading “Hatshepsut, sculpture & Fijian diplomacy: a series in evolution”

FROM THE NOTEBOOKS: thoughts on working

Asolas: work in progress during the COVID-19 quarantine In early June, I began a new sculpture with the working title, “Quarantine”. This came from the title of a painting I had worked on during March and April 2020. It pictures a figure and a cat in a window, representing my personal experience of adjusting toContinue reading “FROM THE NOTEBOOKS: thoughts on working”