Hatshepsut, sculpture & Fijian diplomacy: a series in evolution

Young Hatshepsut was inspired by an exhibition of Egyptian art at San Francisco’s de Young Museum. After we spent a breathtaking day looking at ancient sculpture in the museum, I received this assignment from fellow sculptor Michelle Gregor: I was to make some Egyptian art. Over coffee she told me to go home and makeContinue reading “Hatshepsut, sculpture & Fijian diplomacy: a series in evolution”

FROM THE NOTEBOOKS: thoughts on working

Asolas: work in progress during the COVID-19 quarantine In early June, I began a new sculpture with the working title, “Quarantine”. This came from the title of a painting I had worked on during March and April 2020. It pictures a figure and a cat in a window, representing my personal experience of adjusting toContinue reading “FROM THE NOTEBOOKS: thoughts on working”

Clarity in the time of the coronavirus

  I live alone, and as a full-time, independent creative, I cherish that. I am also part of a vital and affectionate community, and I love the dynamic exchanges we enjoy. In these past months, under conditions of severely enforced solitude, I have found myself reaching down deep for calmness and balance. I find surprisingContinue reading “Clarity in the time of the coronavirus”